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Any 2 Instructors Manuals From "The Closers" Series
Any 2 Instructors Manuals From "The Closers" Series

Any 2 Instructors Manuals From "The Closers" Series

Price: $189.95
Ex Tax: $189.95


THIS IS REALLY BIG NEWS! If you're a business owner, sales manager, sales trainer, or anyone else responsible for sharing the lessons in "The Closers" series with other salespeople, I have very good news for you . . . 20 years late, perhaps . . . but very good news nonetheless!

"The Closers-Part 1," "The Closers-Part 2," and "The Closers Art & Science of Resort Sales" are now available in brand new "Instructor's Manual" versions! Big three-ring binders that look like their respective books - on steroids! And every single word in each of the three original books is in their respective "Instructor's Manual"!


Besides the sheer psychologic impact of dramatically showing the students who's really in charge (yes, size does matter!), the three new "instructor's Manuals" are easier to read at the lectern . . . make it possible to quickly prepare handouts for specific topic discussions . . . and they'll become even more valuable as you personalize your manuals with your own notes, underlines and Hi-Liter! Plus each "Instructors Manual" comes with tabbed page dividers to make it even easier for you to quickly find various sales training topics!

The investment for you to literally move to "the front of the class"? Just $99.95 for any one "Instructor's Manual," $189.95 for any two, and only $269.95 for the complete set of three.

If you're responsible for training other salespeople, order your brand new "Instructor's Manuals" for "The Closers" series today!

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