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"The Closers" Basic Executive Package
"The Closers" Basic Executive Package

"The Closers" Basic Executive Package

Price: $395.00
Ex Tax: $395.00


Contents of "The Closers Basic Executive Package"

"The Closers-Part 1" audio CD program (reg. $199.95)

"The Closers-Part 2" audio CD program (reg. $199.95)

"The Closers/Ben Gay III - Live in Seminar" VHS or DVD (reg. $199.95)

"The Closers Update" Newsletter - One Year (reg. $140.00)

"The Closers Tele-Training" - One Year (reg. $99.95)
"The Closers Alert!" E-bulletin Service - One Year (reg. $75.00)
"The Closers-Part 1" Book (reg. $24.95)

"The Closers-Part 2" Book (reg. $24.95)
“The Closers/Art & Science of Resort Sales” Book (reg. $24.95)
“The Closers/Operation Fast Start” CD (reg. $24.95)
"The Closers/Paragon Principle" CD (reg. $24.95)
"NAPS" Membership* and Plaque (reg. $39.95)

Bonus!!! With "The Closers" BASIC Executive Package, you will also receive at absolutely no cost THIRTY MINUTES of personal one-on-one coaching from Ben Gay III!

Total Retail Value : $1079.50

Your 63% Discount - $684.50

Your Price, Just: $395.00 + $15.75 Priority Mail! !

*National Association of Professional Salespeople

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