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The Closers Teletraining
The Closers Teletraining

The Closers Teletraining

Price: $149.95
Ex Tax: $149.95


“‘The Closers TeleTraining", one of Ben Gay’s newest creations has proven to be a huge hit with successful salespeople around the world! Twelve times a year, Ben does live in-depth interviews with the top commissioned Master Closers/Sales Infiltrators on the planet. Not the same old ‘golden oldies’ you’ve heard a thousand times before in seminars, Ben Gay’s guests are out there right now doing what you’re doing . . . but making a lot more money at it! Now, as a member of “The Closers TeleTraining” team, you’ll be allowed to first listen to each exciting interview live, then you’ll receive a CD of each session for years of profitable review!

$149.95 for the set (includes free shipping). Or the series is $289.90 if the 12 CDs are purchased separately during the year.

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