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"Getting the People Equation Right"
"Getting the People Equation Right"

"Getting the People Equation Right"

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In all my years in business, the most frustrating challenge I’ve faced is trying to hire the right people and then keep them – especially salespeople!

For just $14.95, Logan Loomis solved it for me!

If Logan had written this book 40 years ago, my business life would’ve been immeasurably easier! And it will be from here on out, I assure you!

Rather than continuing to just “trust your gut,” Logan lays out exact, precise techniques for the entire recruiting/interviewing/ hiring/training/retaining process. And, unlike many dry “business books,” this one is both informative and entertaining!

As you’ll discover when reading “Getting the People Equation Right,” Logan Loomis is whip smart! I’m proud to call him my personal friend and a business colleague!

It was, therefore, with great pleasure that I awarded him/his book my personal “5 Star Rating” and to then have him presented with The National Association of Professional Salespeople’s “Seal of Approval.”   


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