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"Breakthrough Copywriting Seminar" By David Garfinkel

"Breakthrough Copywriting Seminar" By David Garfinkel

Price: $597.00
Ex Tax: $597.00

Do You Need Powerful Copy To Close Big Sales Now....

But Don't Want To Pay The Sky High Professional Fees?

World-renowned writer/speaker/trainer David Garfinkel is a good friend of many years standing. He’s a fellow professional sales copywriter and, in that area, a friendly competitor. He has also long claimed to be a better writer than I am. But he lies!

I will, however, readily admit that, as a writer, I’m an “Unconscious Competent” (I can do it, but am not good at teaching my skill). David, on the other hand, can do it and teach you exactly how he works our “mysterious magic.” He is a “Conscious Competent.”

Painful as it is for me to tell you, David Garfinkel is known to us within the industry as the World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach. But that’s very good news for you!

See, while I still claim to be a better writer, you must pay me to write your letters/scripts. And, if you retain David to do your sales letter? He charges $25,000 (plus 5% of sales).


Did that get your attention?


Want to “Beat the System,” not paying David or me to write for you? Here’s how!  For the first time ever, I’m now offering David Garfinkel’s “Breakthrough Copywriting ProgramIt takes you right into the heart of the legendary 3-day seminar he and several other of the world’s best copywriting professionals held in Las Vegas Nevada!


And I’m doing it at a Deep Discount from what

it’s cost the hundreds of people before you!


Understand, people came to the live 3-day event from all over the world, each happily paying the $5,000 tuition to attend! Well, they were all extremely happy by the time they left anyway!


Now here’s the good news for you!


David Garfinkel had the entire 3-day event professionally filmed/recorded! Then he took almost a year to edit it into 9 jam-packed DVDs! The only things missing are the “dead air” spots, the burps and coffee-breaks!And, so you can listen when you can’t watch, David also created a matching set of CDs!

Want still more? The entire event has been transcribed into two thick three-ring binders which you’ll also receive . . . and you’ll get every single one of the 120 pages David and the other presenters handed out at the live seminar!



Then, as they say on TV . . .


But wait! If you order in the next 14 seconds!


You’ll also receive 7 additional Bonus CDs that, among many other things, will teach you How To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines . . . Copywriting For The Web . . . Breakthrough Copywriting Test Results . . . An Interview With “The Secret Copywriter” . . . and The Copywriting Roundtable Interviews, Parts 1 & 2!


OK! Here are your three options for

acquiring this Priceless Information!


You can wait and hope David Garfinkel holds another live 3-day seminar (none are currently scheduled) and that he doesn’t raise the $5,000 tuition to the $9,500 I’ve recommended!.Or you can order it at the normal price of $997 . . . if you can find a set!



Or you can order it right here at

a 40% Discount for just $597!



That saves you $4,403 off of the Live Seminar Tuition!

(Not counting what it’d cost you to travel to Las Vegas,

your ground transportation, your stay in a hotel

for 3 days, your meals, tips and taxes!)


Friend to friend, this is as good as it gets! It’s a $5,000 Live 3-Day “Copywriting Seminar in a Box” for just $597!


Take my personal advice and order it now!


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