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"Prosper" by Randy Garn and Ethan Willis

"Prosper" by Randy Garn and Ethan Willis

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PROSPER - Create the Life You Really Want” was written by two of my friends & clients, Randy Garn and Ethan Willis. It’s an absolutely fantastic guide to building a successful, meaningful and prosperous life, no matter your chosen profession!

Here Randy and Ethan offer powerful assessment tools that will help you identify your ideal path to prosperity as it relates to money, happiness and sustainability.

Get it for yourself, then pass it on and/or buy copies for those you love . . . especially younger folks who are about to make all of the life-decision mistakes we’ve all made! For just 16 Bucks you can change lives, including yours!

As do all of the books/audios/videos I recommend, this powerful book earned my “5 Star Rating” and carries the “Seal of Approval” from The National Association of Professional Salespeople!     

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